Ideas to Use Onyx Marble for Your Home

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A beautiful, fine grained stone with distinctive patterns that comes in the shades of yellow, brown, black, green, pink and white, Onyx is undoubtedly one of the most alluring stones that have been gifted to us by mother nature. More rare than marble, Onyx is extremely valuable as it has this miraculously translucent appearance that fascinates the bare eye. Its aspirational value is taking a steep rise with each passing day as homeowners, architects and interior designers are steering away from the conventional muted tones and drawing themselves closer to colours. Needless to say, Onyx is an eminent stone that will add an extra special touch to your spaces.

Here are some of the unique ways in which Onyx can be incorporated in spaces, to up the interior design game and amplify the luxury quotient of your spaces.

Unparalleled Marble Kitchen Countertops

Unparalleled Marble Kitchen Countertops​ scaled e1676461914748

For those of you who wish to spruce up their kitchens with a touch of extravagance, there is nothing that can compare to the unmatched beauty of an Onyx countertop. Countertops are a focal point in most kitchens, so why not make the most of it?

Onyx Shelves in Living Room

Onyx can be strategically used in the living rooms in an ornamental form to add hints of this beautiful stone and make the living room look glamorous. Adding it as Onyx shelves or Onyx antiques in the living room adds a sense of opulence and grandeur.

Bathroom with an Onyx

Bathroom with an Onyx​

To take the beauty and the luxe quotient of your bathrooms to a whole other level, consider having Onyx in its interiors. Either in the form of vanity tops, bathtubs, bathroom sinks or even an accent wall, Onyx will make it a bathroom that one will never forget! Here are few high-end bathroom makeover ideas you can try.

Onyx Staircase

The translucent Onyx is one of the best materials to use in a staircase with backlit LED at its base or from behind to make a dreamy stairway in your homes. Truly a stairway to heaven, this one will surely be the most highlighted part of your homes!

A Dark-Colored Onyx Fireplace

If you are amongst the fortunate ones to have a fireplace at home, why not make the most of it? Opt for a darker coloured Onyx for your fireplace for it to stand out in a lighter coloured room. The fireplace will transform into a statement corner of your living rooms and we bet you will never get tired of sitting next to it!

Onyx Wall in Kitchen

Onyx Wall in Kitchen​

To add a hint of drama and conversion in a compact area, adding an Onyx wall is the perfect way to do it. The patterns and textures of the Onyx will draw visual interest without making the space seem cluttered. No extra ornamentation or decor elements are required if an Onyx wall is added in the kitchen, as that would be enough to draw the beauty and grace required in the kitchen.

Onyx Accent Wall in Living Room

Onyx Accent Wall in Living Room​

Change in design aesthetics, like all other things, tend to change over a period of time. Accent walls seem to be a favourite design choice for homeowners and design professionals these days. An accent wall adds more depth and dimension to the rooms and it is a great choice for homes. Having an Onyx accent wall will not only beautify the living room, but will also resound luxury and elegance.

Onyx Panel in Living Room

Onyx-Panel-in-Living Room​

Another way of incorporating this magnanimous beauty in homes would be to add Onyx wall panels in the living room. Wall panels are an artistic approach to amp the luxury quotient of your homes and make them look rich and tasteful. Not only will all eyes drift to the wall panel, it will become a visually distinct memory that one won’t be able to lose.

Onyx TV unit

One of the most significant areas in your living rooms, that is also a prime spot for a focal point in living rooms, is the TV unit. It is where you surround your evenings with your family and friends, making the most of screen time. A consistent design approach that is going steady is the love and importance the TV unit holds for homeowners. They dont mind overdoing their budgets, but compromising the look of the TV unit is non negotiable for most of them. A TV unit in Onyx is a fabulous way to incorporate this marvellous stone and give it the makeover that it needs. There can not be a more perfect TV unit for your living rooms if not for Onyx.

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