Italian Marble:
An Avant-Garde Choice
for Luxe Interiors

Italian Marble
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Invite luxury into your home interiors with this timeless classic!

Alluring, elegant, and captivatingly luxurious is how anyone who has experienced Italian marble will describe them. Known for adding the “extra” in extravagance, Italian marble interiors create an atmosphere and ambience that radiate elegance and make heads turn in awe and adoration. But do you know how Italian marble made its way into some of the most lavish homesin the world?

From being heavily used by renowned renaissance artists for their most-loved artwork to becoming a hot favourite interior element, Italian marble has come a long way! Moreover, even after having competitors from around the world, like India, Greece, Spain, Romania and the USA, Italian marble is still a preferred choice for people who are determined toadd the WOW factor to their homes!

Marble’s extensive history lies in the lands of Italy, where it has been a part of Italian culture for almost 2,000 years. Italy is by far the most famous and the world’s favourite country to quarry marble stone forms. Esteemed renaissance artists like Donatello and Michelangelo used Calacatta and Statuario marble (types of Italian marble) to create some of their most iconic works like Saint Mark and Statue of David! But as time passed, people started experimenting with its use cases, and using it for interiors turned out to be the most obvious choice.

Italian marble is not only the top choice of HNI homeowners, architects,interior designers and decorators because of its high lustre and great looks, but it is also one the most durable element used in architecture.

This timeless stone comes in various types with different colours and patterns. So, let’s dive into the magnificent world of one of the most adored materials for architecture and interiors – ITALIAN MARBLE!

9 Finest Types of Italian Marble

From the classic Carrara to the striking Calacatta, Italian marble is renowned for its beauty and elegance. Take a look at nine of the finest marble typesthat come from Italy.

1. Statuario

Marble Flooring
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Sourced from the Carrara region, Statuario marble is, in fact, the most precious marble stone in the world!

Statuario is a luxurious Italian marble that comes in a mystical white or golden color and has dramatic veining. It’s one of the rarest and most sought-after types of marble, making it the perfect choice for those who want their interiors to make a real statement. This strikingly bright and exclusive piece of natural marble is loved for its rich and bold veining.

2. Carrara White

carrara white
carrara white
One of the most popular types of Italian marble, Carrara is a classic choice for both traditional and contemporary interiors.

It has a clean and crisp white colour with delicate grey veining that adds a touch of elegance to modern and contemporary homes that want a classy and sophisticated vibe. Traditionally, Carrara Marble was widely used for external wall cladding and for sculptures and figurines. But now, it is a top choice of designers for exquisite flooring.

3. Calacatta

Italian Marble
Italian Marble
Its bright white background that’s glazed in strikingly bold and thick veining in shades of grey, gold, and sometimes even pink, makes Calacatta marble perfect for those who crave simplistic elegance.

This is an Italian marble type that you can use to make a statement. If you’re looking at giving your homes a warm and relaxed aesthetic, but with an edge, then Calacatta marble is the one for you.

4. Cavalli

Quarried in Italy, Cavalli marble stone is a semi-white marble known to be widely used for floor applications, interior walls, windows, and fountains.

If you want something extravagant added to your home that is long-lasting and durable when properly cared for, the Cavalli marble is your go-to choice!

5. Grey William

What makes Grey William Italian marble so appealing is its rich grey colour cladded with classy veining in dewy and milky shades of white.
This Italian marble type is known to exude a warm and cosy ambience in homes. This is what makes it an excellent choice for living rooms, lounges, bathrooms, lobbies and entrance areas.

6. Botticino

Perfect for people who want to create a classic and luxurious space, Botticino marble is famous for its beige hue with brown veining!
It adorns a rather special veining pattern that enhances the richness of any interior and makes beige exciting. This is a type of Italian marble that is great for wall cladding, countertops, lobbies and outdoor flooring.

7. Michelangelo

  • michelangelo 1
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If brown is part of your aesthetic palette, you would be happy to make room for Michelangelo Italian marble in your plush space.

This white marble slab that slowly fades into shades of shimmering brown or golden offers a smooth and attractive look that makes any space look upscale. It is widely used for flooring, accent walls, countertops and backsplashes.

8. Bianco

Clean, minimal, lively, calm, and timeless – that’s what anyone who looks at a slab of Bianco Italian marble stone is likely to describe it as!
Offering the finest durability, Bianco is an Italian variety of marble that comes in different shades – from white to brown. As this variant is known for its strength, it is the top choice of designers to use widely as flooring in both residential and commercial spaces. It is also used for wall cladding, kitchen countertops, fireplaces and bathrooms.

9. Dyna

Quarried uniquely, Dyna is a premium Italian marble variant.
Instead of being milled or sawed, this Italian beauty is cut with hands, and that’s why you can see pits appearing on its surface! Carved out manually using a knife, it usually takes hours to manufacture one tile. Dyna has thick or thin brown veins on a beige-coloured base. The deep, dusky look of this marble makes it the perfect choice for interiors with understated luxury. It is a superb choice for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and entrance areas.
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Why Choose Italian Marble for Your Space?

Italian marble speaks volumes with its luxurious appeal mixed with a hint of innate grace and sophistication. Whether you want to incorporate the classic marble tiles in your flooring or splash chicness to your countertops or furniture making them unique, adding Italian marble to your interiors is a perfect choice.
Stonex India offers the largest variety of Italian marble that is top quality! The durability of this classic stone makes it an investment-worthy addition to interiors, and here’s why:
timelessness 1


Marble never goes out of style! Unlike tiles that are manmade and that keep evolving with the passage of time, marble is a natural stone that will remain classic and timeless. Its timeless appeal makes it a fantastic choice for people with opulent taste. Our avant-garde technology is meant to enhance the timelessness of any marble stone and make it an eternal piece of luxury.

natural craftsmanship black

Natural Craftsmanship

Marble is formed beneath the ground for years. Its veined designs are a gift of nature. No two stones will be of the same design, which is an extraordinary phenomena. This is what makes marble even more special. Our extremely well-trained in-house experts at Stonex India bring the right balance of science and art by dissecting each marble block crafting artistic masterpieces for you.



Marble formation takes time. Some of the coloured marbles like pink, blue, green and red are rare to find and are only found in some specific quarries only. We handpick slabs of Italian marble based on its patterns, grains and density. These slabs are later sourced carefully to ensure they are exclusive, matching our customers' tastes and preferences!


Marble designs, colours and textures are unique and each marble is formed at its own pace. This is what brings in an exclusivity that no other manmade stone can give. Our experiential design philosophy of creating physical spaces that ooze an aura of creativity impacts curation process to bring you the most exclusive Italian marble pieces.



With the latest SRS technology, quarrying the best marble stone becomes easier and better! It creates less wastage, higher compressive strength, greater scratch resistance and enhanced abrasion resistance. Ultimately, innovation enhances a marble's appeal and timelessness.



Marble is a naturally formed stone, which makes its strength unquestionable. Marble is extremely durable and hard-wearing, meaning that it will last for many years to come, making it the preferred choice of architects, designers and homeowners alike. The strength and of marble is something that will last long and its natural ageing is another aspect that is beautiful.

How to Use Italian Marble in Interiors

What makes marble, especially Italian marble, a popular choice for those wanting to create luxurious spaces?
Its several use cases!
A lot of us always have co-related marble with floors, but this lavish stone is not just limited to the ground. To make your home look appealing and opulent, the Italian marble variants can be used in the following different ways to enhance any various different spaces:

1. Flooring

Marble Flooring
Marble is usually available in large slabs, thus installing them as flooring is both convenient and effective.
Polished, honed, or bush-hammered, marble floorings surely turn any ordinary space into an epitome of style and sophistication! Whether it is the living room, kitchen, bathroom, lobby or bedroom, Italian marble flooring can transform any space several notches. Marble floors have been in vogue for years, and there’s a reason why this trend is timeless.

2. Walls

Marble Walls
Marbles like Onyx, Quartz and some of the other Italian marble variants go up wonderfully on walls and create a feature wall creating the most beautiful focal point in homes.
Using Italian marble stone for decorative walls can magically transform the essence of any room. Whether you want to breathe in the luminosity of white or rose marble or want to radiate modernity with the Onyx and Quartz marble stone, the magic created with them is surreal! Bianco Beige is yet another Italian marble type that is used for walls. For warmer vibes, go for brown, beige or cream, while red and black are perfect for making a bold statement and showcasing your bold personality.
Talking about which walls can be adorned with marble, the choices are endless! The entrance hall, kitchen, and even bathroom can be embellished with its magnificent presence.

3. Countertops

Marble countertops
Marble is a good choice for kitchen countertops to make them look elegant and add charm to your interiors.
Be it the kitchen or bathroom; the countertop is often the main attraction. Thanks to marble, you can turn heads while inviting functionality and durability. There are endless decorative possibilities with the number of finishes and colours you can adopt to make your countertops an interior genius in the most avant-garde way.
Calacatta, Carrara, and Statuario are among the Italian marble types that can enhance the beauty of your countertops.

4. Cabinetry

Marble Cabinetry
Using some types of Italian marble to marble for cabinets in the kitchens and bathrooms will add to the beauty of the rooms and make them look stunning!
Show off your luxury-looking cabinets by incorporating Italian marble in their structure. Pick white, grey or pink marble for subtlety, or if you love the bold and vivacious statement, blue, red or black marble can definitely capture your attention!

5. Fireplaces

Marble fireplace
If you are lucky to have a fireplace at home, why not go all out and make the most of it? Have beautiful marble panels in contrasting colours to make the fireplace stand out.
Marble is a natural stone that can resist heat and fire, making it the best choice for your fireplace! There’s an Italian marble for every look you want to go for – whether it is contemporary or traditional. White marble with veining like the Bianco, Carrara White, or Calacatta can grace your fireplace and enhance the beauty of your home.

6. Fountains

Every time we think of a fountain, the famous Roman Trevi fountains are the first thing that comes to mind. They were made with beautiful Travertine stone. Fountains that are made of marble make the space even more special and eternal.
An exterior that looks classy while also adding elegance is what you can achieve with marble fountains. If you are looking for stones that can add a distinctive look to the exteriors, the Grey William Italian marble or Statuario marble stone can be your perfect choice! Incorporating these marble types in your fountain can enhance its appearance with its remarkably robust design and uniquely attractive veining.

7. Facades

Facades are the gateway to a home. They say first impressions are the last impressions so it is important to make a good first impression. And what better way to do it other than Italian marble? A marble facade will make your exterior look lavish and inviting.
Carrara White Italian marble stone can be an excellent choice for your house’s exterior. It can certainly make any building look refined and extravagant.
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1. Where does the Italian marble come from?

Italian marble, as the name suggests, comes from Italy. Marble has been a big part of Italian history since ancient times.

The Italian marble is quarried from the 600+ quarry sites found in the Apuane Alps in central Italy. Some of the most famous variants like the Statuario, Calacatta and Carrara come from the regions near the city of Carrara in Italy.

The reason behind the increased popularity of Italian marble is mainly because of the high reputation of the Italian quarries. They have access to some of the world's best raw materials. These quarries have unmatchable quality control standards along with precise selection, packaging and shipping, making Italian marble one of the finest and most refined in the world.

3. Italian Marble vs Indian Marble - which is a better choice?

This depends on what you are using marble for. When it comes to sturdiness, Indian marble wins precedence. So, if you are looking for something that is more strong and more durable, then Indian marble is preferable. If you are looking for something that is more luxurious and opulent, then Italian marble is preferable. Having said that, both Indian and Italian marbles are great choices for your spaces.

Italian Marble Indian Marble
Appearance They have a soft and delicate look that has a high lustre. They look tougher and possess medium lustre.
Polishing Available as one-side polished slabs along with epoxy resins for strength. Available both as polished as well as unpolished.
Durability They range between 18 to 20 mm and can catch hairline crack sand stains easily. Their thickness is about 30 mm; hence, they are sturdier.
Price Since these marble slabs are imported from Italy, they are slightly costlier. They are quarried from India and are less costly than Italian marble.

4. What is the price of the Italian marble?

The price range of one slab of Italian marble starts from 400 and can go up to 12,500 per sq. foot depending on the variant you choose.

5. Which is the best type of Italian marble?

All of the Italian marble types we have shared above are some of the best ones you can choose, depending on your style and personality as all of these variants of Italian marble are supreme. But the most widely used are Statuario, Calacatta and Carrara.

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