Style Guide for Luxurious Marble Interior Designs That Will Take Your Breath Away

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If there is one word that defines luxury, rich inheritance and royalty in the world of interior design, then it has to be marble. Right from Michelangelo’s David to the Taj Mahal, the marble has created its own identity and niche for decades. With the passage of time, the value of the marble has just appreciated and people have become more discerning about what marble really brings to the table. Apart from enhancing the look and feel of your homes, it increases their value exponentially. Homes that have elements of marble are always perceived to be luxurious by default.
There are so many ways in which marble can be incorporated into your homes. You can go all out or have them in elemental form, either way, it is going to make them look gorgeous and aspirational.

1. Marble Furniture

marble for kitchen countertop
Marble furniture is catching up pace with the design trends and is becoming a popular interior design decision taken by a lot of homeowners. The strong, sturdy and lasting nature of marble makes it a wise material choice to have for your furniture. A piece of marble furniture is surely going to stand the test of time and give it that extra luxurious touch in your homes.

2. Marble Countertop

marble kitchen designs backsplash 1
An age old practice that we have seen in most homes with granite is now transforming into having countertops made of marble. Natural marble comes with patterns that are inimitable. Each slab has an irreplaceable design, which is a unique feature to have. Also thanks to the colour options that are available in marble today, people also have the opportunity to explore the different colours that are present to add a pop of colour and luxury in their kitchens.

3. Marble Columns

marble columns
Columns are used in open spaces to delineate them and make them look more divided, organised and structured. Using marble to make half walls or columns is a smart way of incorporating this natural beauty and making them stand out.

4. Marble Walls

marble walls
Marble is a very popular raw material choice in wall cladding. Using it for walls is another great way of adding marble in your homes. Go all out with the four walls of your homes or choose one as an accent wall, the choice is yours. Either way, it is going to look just as magnificent.

5. Marble Flooring

marble flooring
One of the most conventional and demanded ways of incorporating marble is in the flooring. This is a favourite of most homeowners and interior designers as it instantly lights up the spaces and makes them look effortlessly beautiful on its own.

6. Marble Bathroom Interior

marble bathroom interior

A more feasible and practical approach to incorporating marble in the bathrooms is to do it in elemental form. Marble sinks and bathtubs are a great choice for the bathrooms to look lavish and aspirational. This way, there is not too much thought going into the design aspect as there are these beautiful elements in marble right there.

7. Marble Backsplash

pantry wall marble
Another great idea of incorporating marble in the interior design of your homes would be to add it in the backsplashes. This creates an element of surprise and breaks the usual design monotony in the kitchens.

8. Marble Pillars

marble pillars
For homes that have colossal area to dig deeper design styles, one great way to incorporate marble is to use them for the pillars. The pillars add that extra depth and grace to the spaces and having them in marble will make you live closer to your European dream.
Adding marble to your homes is like adding a piece of precious jewels. Elegant and luxurious to the eye, they redefine spaces in a way that nothing else can. Such is the magic of this metamorphic natural rock that is found in the lap of nature.
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