Luxury Modern Kitchen Designs
From Sleek and Chic to Cutting Edge

luxury modern kitchen design
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The modern luxury kitchen interior designs are an amalgamation of functionality with aesthetic chicness. You no longer have to choose between being practical or fancy; the best designers blend the two together to create beautiful interior spaces for inviting, yet stylish kitchens.
The high-end modern kitchens consist of simple and sleek designs with flat surfaces, flush doors, open spaces with island features, nooks, and minimum hardware. Here are our top 18 picks for luxurious-feeling and modern-looking kitchen design ideas.

Modern Kitchen Interior Designs with Unique Elements to Make a Statement

1. Marble Adorned Kitchens

Marble Kitchen
Don’t be afraid to drench your kitchen interior with marble, as marble never will NEVER be out of style! Marble kitchens will always have the upper hand in being one of the finest setups for your kitchen area as the stone is best known to add luxury and elegance that screams timelessness. The sleek veined marble pattern looks exquisite on countertops, kitchen flooring, and kitchen walls – there’s nothing a marble can’t uplift.

Remember, marble is porous. So, to maintain the lustre and finish, make sure you are vigilant about wiping off spills quickly to avoid staining. You can also consider darker-coloured marble slabs that are great for kitchen designs as well!

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2. Multifunctional Mega-Islands

Multifunctional Islands Kitchen
Thinking about the length of your kitchen’s counter space is in vogue! And the proof lies here in a long, clean kitchen island that ideally provides space for cooking, working, and eating. An island now serves multiple purposes and can be transformational addition to any luxe kitchen design.
The main reason why a long kitchen island is now preferred is not only for its aesthetics. It even serves the purpose of being multifunctional because your kitchen island is no longer meant for only storing kitchen stuff in its cabinets. People are using it as a workstation or a leisure spot to spend time talking with their family or friends. Hence, having a long kitchen island makes sense.

3. Statement Kitchen Sink and Taps

Kitchen Sink
Sinks are often picked from a functional standpoint, but modern kitchen designs go beyond and incorporate sinks and taps that add a wow element. They not only grab attention but can also add a subtle, exquisite look, further enhancing the features of your space. Make sure you match your tap and sink with each other for a more symmetrical look to achieve a cohesive look and feel.

4. Dual Colour Theme

Dual Colour Theme in Kitchen
This one is for the simplistic look-chasers. If jazzing up your kitchen with too many colours and interior decorative items gives you a headache, a dual-colour theme with minimal furniture is just what you will love.
You can pick any two colours that complement each other well. For example, grey furniture mixed with a white roof and walls look chic without being too much on the eyes. Similarly, a classic black countertop combined with white furniture, walls, and floors makes for an elegant fusion in any modern kitchen interior design.

5. Woods for Warmth

Wood and Marble in Kitchen
Adding wooden elements to a kitchen can bring it warmth, unlike any other element. Wooden cabinets are no longer considered old-school as their revamped designs include minimal to no hardware, flat polished surfaces and some exquisite finishes. Combining a marble kitchen counter with wooden cabinets or furniture and even wood flooring often makes the kitchen interior design appear smoother and more soulful.
You can also combine more than one type and colour of the wood. When done wisely by glazing a small part of your kitchen counter with one wood tone and complementing it with another set of wood-tone decorations or additions, wooden elements can do wonders for your kitchen.

6. Mood-setting & Mood-lifting Kitchen Lighting

luxury modern kitchen design
Lighting is everything for a modern kitchen. Newer designs blend various options of lighting to create different moods for different requirements. Lighting for better vision when you are working or cooking, lighting for chilling at the island, lighting for eating, and so on – there’s so much you do in your kitchen that installing lights for all of these purposes has become important.
You can install lighting in different manners as there are several different types of lights to suit your taste. Let’s explore some of the most popular and all-time favourite lighting options:

Modern Chandeliers and Artistic Lamps

Chandeliers in Kitchen
Chandeliers in Kitchen
A chandelier is a classy and timeless piece that enhances the look of any area, whether it is a living room or your dining space. Group in some modern designs of chandeliers right above your kitchen island or the dining table to add a luxurious effect. If you don’t want to go the traditional route of installing chandeliers, you can even select an artistic lamp to make your space look more exorbitant and appealing!

Minimalistic LED Strips

Modern Kitchen Designs
Modern Kitchen Designs
Make your space appear more visually glamorous and set the right mood with the help of LED strips. You can install these lights under your kitchen counter, island, or even over or under the kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Not only are these LED light strips trendy and modern, but they are also ideal if you have a small kitchen space, as they make your kitchen appear more spacious.

7. Rugs for That Little Bit Extra

Rugs in Kitchen
A rug makes everything look put together and enhances the beauty of your kitchen space. It adds an element of cosiness, and you can place it in the space between your kitchen counter and the island.
It’s not a good idea to keep a rug around the edge of chairs or under the dining table as that’s where you can spill more and find yourself constantly cleaning it with a stain remover.

8. Revitalising Plants

Plants in Kitchen
There’s no doubt about the fact that plants add a refreshing element to any space. They can immediately revitalise your interiors and make them look vivacious without any extra effort. A great way to enhance your kitchen interior to make it appear more luxurious and elegant is by using complementing plants in your open kitchen plan.

9. Art Pieces that Pop

Art Pieces in Kitchen
Art is a symbol of great taste and splendid luxury. So why not showcase your exclusive taste even in your kitchen space?
The kitchen is the perfect place to add art pieces that your child makes as well (if you have kids). This personalises the space while also giving it a lot of character. Whether it is a random drawing made by your to-be painter or a proper art piece crafted by your elder child, it’s a perfect place to keep reminding yourself how fast your child can progress and even keep their growing phase right in front of your eyes.

10. Scandinavian Wood & White

Scandinavian wood & white
This combination of white interiors with wooden décor is a popular Scandinavian interior design concept that’s a perfect example of simplicity mixed with modernity. You can imply this design to your kitchen interior by incorporating a wooden floor with a wooden kitchen countertop or cabinets. Add wood bar stools and pair them with your white kitchen island to amplify the look. Even plant pots are great for lifting the entire look of your space.

11. Fabulously Patterned Flooring

Patterned Flooring in Kitchen
Giving your kitchen a personality is extremely important as it is the heart of your home. If you love translating the drama from your personality into your interiors, patterned flooring in your kitchen is a perfect option!

And when we talk about patterned flooring that looks dramatic and at the same time brings glamour, luxury, and grace, we cannot NOT think about the posh veining of marble tiles. Moreover, marble gives you ample choice to select from. For example, a white Italian marble like the Statuario will look great on the floor as well as on the kitchen island. The Azure Onyx marble comes in with white veining that is integrated into a royal blue background. This marble looks exquisite when paired with blue kitchen cabinets.

12. Bar Stools that Rock

Bar Stools in Kitchen
The kitchen is no longer only a space where you cook feasts and head out. It’s also where you can spend the majority of your time. Whether it is cooking or simply gossiping with your family or friends, a kitchen is now an essential element of your life and should be treated like one by decorating it with the right interior elements!
Bar stools have become a kitchen essential. Not only are these compact furniture pieces available in different styles and colours to match your kitchen theme, but they are also perfect when you don’t want a separate dining table and want to utilise the kitchen island as your dining area.
Before selecting a bar stool design, choose one with the proper height and width. Measure from the underside and never from the top of your kitchen island to the floor. It’s not ideal to have a seat far below the counter as that can be uncomfortable for eating or working. Make sure it has enough legroom when you sit down.

13. Hi-tech Appliances for Smart Kitchens

hi tech appliances for smart kitchens
Nothing sounds and feels more luxurious than modern kitchens that incorporate hi-tech appliances. When cutting-edge technologies and high-quality materials integrate, they create this cohesive and efficient kitchen that’s a perfect blend of function and style. The exorbitant double-door refrigerators and high-tech ovens are taking over homes and are some of the most common additions to a modern luxury kitchen design.

14. Kitchen Backsplash to Make a Splash

Kitchen Backsplash
A backsplash is an expanse material that fills the gap between your kitchen cabinet and countertop. Kitchen backsplashes are great for rounding out your kitchen space by adding exciting designs, patterns, colour schemes, and textures.
Incorporating marble in your kitchen backsplash is a great idea to achieve a posh look. You can go along with a white marble with grey veining or a brown marble to enhance your kitchen space – the options are limitless.

15. Long Cabinets for More Storage

long cabinets for more storage in kitchen
If you have an extremely spacious kitchen area, utilise it wisely. One way you can bring your kitchen space to use is by making long cabinets. These long cabinets are not only great for giving a sleek look but also practical and come in handy to store most of your things inside.

16. Metals for the Win

Marble Kitchen
Combining your kitchen interior design materials with metal pieces proves to withstand the test of time. Today, precious metals like copper are no longer limited to bathroom fixtures. You can use them in modern kitchen designs to make them appear sleeker and improve your space’s characteristics.
Remember a few factors like colour, finish, and tone before incorporating metal elements into your kitchen interiors for a more cohesive and striking look. When you have a lighter coloured kitchen area, choose a metal with gold accents. For example, a gold finish copper tap would look excellent when paired with a white marble countertop with gold veining. A white-coloured bar stool with gold-coloured legs is a perfect match for a completely white kitchen with wood flooring.
Rose gold has also been a favourite of designers recently!

17. Rough Stone Background to Add Texture

Marble Kitchen
If you are a nature lover and prefer to instil more “back to the root” elements into your kitchen area, adding a rough stone background is your best bet to make it happen. The rustic nature of a rough stone backdrop can add a unique charm to your kitchen interiors and transform its simplistic look into a high-end and sophisticated room!

18. Wine Cellar for a Modern and Timeless Look

Wine Cellar in Kitchen
A modern luxurious kitchen doesn’t shy away from installing an open wine cellar. Showcasing your wine collection is not just another trend but is indeed a mark of elegance. And a wine cellar creates a sense of prestige, character, and class. Along with bringing an innate graceful decorative aspect to your kitchen area, this furniture also helps you store your wine appropriately.
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