Marble Designs for Hall

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Living rooms and halls are ideal areas for utilising marble in various ways, from floors to walls or even accents. From modern to traditional, marble designs for halls has the versatility to fit into any style easily.
With so many options available, it’s easy to find a way to incorporate this stunning material into your hall or living room design.

We have picked the nine most sophisticated ways to integrate marble designs into your hall!

9 Elegant and Simple Marble Design in Hall

1. Shelves

marble shelves
Shelves and marble are a fantastic combination to bring royalty to your living room. Perhaps you want to add a touch of sophistication to your classy white living room? Marble bookshelves are a great way to do that! From humble whites to daring blues, there are plenty of marble colour options to choose from that can suit your room’s décor and style. Just pick the one that speaks to you and show off your style!

2. TV Units

marble for TV units
TV walls are a central feature of any room, so choose one that looks great! Giving your wall-mounted TV the right look is simple – what a fantastic focal point to draw attention to. So don’t be boring. Give that ordinary wall-mounted TV unit some extra love and make it the star of the show by cladding it with marble. TV unit marble design is one of the most obvious ways to upgrade your hall design.

3. Flooring

marble flooring

As timeless as the material itself, marble floor design for hall is always a classy choice for your living space since it is clean, versatile, and durable. But, selecting a marble design can be a huge task because they all look ultra-stylish and beautiful. You can keep it simple with pristine and classy white marble tile or opt for a golden or warm-toned floor marble design.

4. Walls

white marble for wall
One of the best reasons why marble is a versatile stone is because, with the right choice, you can either choose to tone down colours in the hall or make your living space appear more extravagant. You can cover your walls in stone to transform your interior into a chic abode and switch mundane moments into luxurious days at your place!

Combining the grand veined darker-shades of marble design in your hall with a cladded marble accent wall mixed with the same colour of marble floor design in the living room can accentuate any space and make it appear grand. You could even use a grey-coloured vein marble and pair it with the hall’s simple white veined marble flooring.

5. Tabletops

marble table tops
The elegance and beauty of a marble stone can add grace to any space. You can choose a classic square-shaped or a unique moulded tabletop to add a soul to your hall. A quintessential white veiny marble is always a go-to choice for minimal lovers. While a dark and simple marble design in the hall can be paired with darker veined marble flooring, if you want to go bold with your living room interior.

6. Pillars

marble designs for hall pillars
Give your home a touch of European sophistication with gorgeous marble pillars! Perfect for adding a classic, decorative touch – while also providing strength and durability – these marble pillars are a great way to complete your living space look.

7. Fireplace Backsplashs

marble for fireplace
Fireplaces are now becoming a common addition to a living space, especially in the Northern states where the winters are pretty strong. Additionally, people are making fireplaces a symbol of luxury, and what’s better than adorning this luxurious addition with marble? Since it is already a focal point of your room, make it more of a visual feast by adding marble as a backsplash with a classy white veined marble.

8. Furniture

marble furniture
Marble pieces bring outstanding luxury and class to any living room – from stools to coffee tables, side tables, and dining tables, all lending your space an atmosphere that can harmonise or contrast with the rest of the interior. Not only does marble evoke a sense of sophistication, but it’s also not a fleeting trend. These pieces are serious investments that look just as beautiful as the day you bought them.
In a business setting, marble furniture can make a strong statement of determination, stability, and authority. Imagine the effect of an executive desk or a large conference table teamed with matching accessories – an informal yet creative way to exude real power.
Pair your marble furniture in the hall with a soft and fine fabric or a traditional couch for impressive results.

9. Accessories

marble accessories
Exploring the exciting design world of marble, you can now bring its magnificent beauty into your home or workspace! Whether it be a show-stopping lamp featuring marble elements or a unique piece of marble, you can add extra sparkle and pizzazz. There are countless of marble accessories to choose from, such as candle holders, bowls, trays, wall clocks, and picture frames – there’s something for everyone! So why not get creative and take this journey today?

Marble – An Excellent Addition to Your Hall

Marble is now popping up in all sorts of exciting places! A modern take on decor is to use marble sparingly in combination with other materials, clashing colours, and texture in order to create a fresh, sophisticated look.
With modern technology, marble has the special ability to transform prestigious public buildings, opulent homes, high-end stores, luxury hotels, and unique workspaces into luxurious and tranquil havens. Exploring this timeless material is always so much fun and never ceases to excite us with how endlessly creative one can get with it!
Don’t wait any longer, transform your Hall with our marble collection!