Why You Should Consider Marble for Your Next Commercial Space

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It is safe to say that as each day passes, the access that we have to the range of options from natural stones to man made slabs is infinite. But even amongst all these choices, marble still stands to be a clear winner when it comes to building spaces that define class and timeless elegance.
Marble needs no statutory introduction, knowing the enormous amount of historical accolade it carries till date. Some of the most iconic monuments have been made in marble and stand as strong and as gracefully as a testament to the durability of marble even today after several hundred years. This makes it reason enough for anyone to make marble a preferred choice for their interiors.

Whilst many of you may have a notion that marble is best for residential spaces, this however, isn’t true. Marble is as great a choice for commercial spaces as it is for residences. A workplace is a major part of everyone’s day. That is where people spend most of their time. Equal importance must be given in making spaces that make one feel more at ease and focussed and also make them look appealing.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using marble for your next commercial space.

1. Variety of Colours and Patterns

The power of white marble
Marble is certainly the most valued and inordinate natural stone there is. It is available in many colours and designs, that are all one of a kind. It gives you the freedom to use the colour and design that complements the overall theme of your spaces.

2. Durable


Marble’s durability is as indisputable as its beauty. This metamorphic rock is formed after millions of years of natural deposition. The earth’s forces make this stone robust. And to add to its strength, our proprietary Stone Reinforcement System (SRS) specialises in treating the stone to enhance its strength. The revolutionary 8 step process ensures that the thickness and uniformity is maintained, also keeping the design and texture intact.

3. Easy to Customize

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A lot of us may think that it is difficult to customise with marble, but the fact is quite the opposite. Thanks to the wide range of design and colour available, it is easy to customise one’s interior design requisites as per taste and suitability that also matches the overall aesthetic of the space.

4. Natural Stones

natural stone
When you choose to go for marble, there are two major benefits that come along. One is that it is a natural stone that is formed in the lap of nature. There is very minimal intervention of resources and processes that go into procuring marble, which makes it a sustainable choice of material, compared to the ones that are made in factories. Second is that it is natural, which means that each and every design that is available in the market is unique and one of its kind, which will add value to your spaces, making them look ethereal and regal.

5. Versatile

Marble is such a gorgeous stone that it can blend into any design aesthetic of spaces. Whether you have a contemporary, neo classical or Mediterranean styled theme, marble is a material that will easily blend into any decor. If you wish to boost the visual appeal of your spaces, marble is all you need. You can use marble in any and every corner of your offices and it will still not be too much. They can be used for flooring, reception desks, conference room tables, accent pieces or even desktop surfaces, literally wherever you please to use them!

Don’t wait any longer, transform your commercial space with luxurious marble today!