Popular Marble Colors

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Marble is a beautiful stone used for centuries to create stunning works of art and décor. Today, marble is still popularly used in all kinds of applications, from kitchen countertops to bathroom flooring

But what makes marble so appealing? Well, one of the main reasons it’s so beloved is its wide range of colours. From subtle shades of grey to vibrant blues and greens, there are plenty of stunning marble colour options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a modern look or something more traditional, there’s sure to be a marble colour out there that will suit your needs.
Peek through our insightful guide that talks about the 11 popular marble colours and where you can integrate them into your home.

Where to Use Different Marble Colours in Your Space?

With various marble colour choices comes the confusion of where and how to accumulate them in your space. We bring the ultimate guide to help you understand which colours would look great in what parts of your home.
Depending on the area of application, there are different colours you can choose to go with. For example, choosing darker shades makes more sense if we are talking about exterior space prone to climatic changes. While interior spaces can look extremely good in lighter shades of marble.
Another factor to consider is the room. Let’s take a look at what marble colours might suit which room:

Living Room


White, golden, brown, beige, grey, black, and green are some classic colours that would brighten up the flooring of your living room.


A marble wall in the colour red, grey, black, white, or blue can look exquisite and add drama to the space.

TV Unit

A TV unit is the main attraction and a focal point for the living room. Employing marble colours such as black, grey, brown, or white can create an impact.



Kitchen countertops are now considered to bring more than functionality to the space. If you want to take this corner into great consideration and ensure it becomes the talk of every conversation, opt for green, light blue, white, black, brown, beige, or grey.


Need to spruce up your kitchen space? Kitchen backsplashes are the perfect way to do it. Marble can help you achieve that. Go for marble colours such as yellow, brown, grey, white, black, or gold.
bedroom icon



Some marble colours look exceptionally good as flooring, especially in the bedroom. These include black, white, brown, pink, grey, beige, or gold.


Making your walls attractive is another elegant trend of a modern home. And what can speak luxury and elegance better than marble? Marble colours you can include in your bedroom walls are black, brown, white, or grey.
bathroom icon



Incorporating marble colours such as brown, grey, white, black, blue, or green can make your bathroom walls look chic!

Give Marble a Space in Your Abode!

Whether you are looking for a home that speaks contemporary and extravagance or your aesthetics are about minimalism and sleekness, marble can perfectly shapeshift itself into any interior style. It’s a matter of what marble colour you choose in which area of your home! We hope this marble colour guide helps you pick a colour that will suit your style and vibes.