Under-the-sea gentle tones, rare and exquisite. Used in commercial and residential structures for cladding walls, blocks, flooring, facades, stairs, pool deck, and fireplaces.


The exquisite finish adds sensations that bring alive one’s imagination and fills the ambiance with exclusivity. The luxurious sheen it adds to an exterior is simply incomparable.
Aubergine / Finish: Organic
Aubergine / Finish: Cashmere


Makes a simple yet opulent statement. It helps architects to create home exteriors that don a whole new look which quietly brings alive the sense of wonder and the sensation of adventure.
Cemento / Finish: Organic
Cemento / Finish: Cashmere
Cemento / Finish: Refined
Cemento / Finish: Silk
Cemento / Finish: Rugged


Deep black textures of Kadappa Black, replete with abstract forms and irreverent streaks, manage to invoke the allure of secret musings of the uncharted and unexplored.

Cyberblack / Finish: Organic
Cyberblack / Finish: Cashmere
Cyberblack / Finish: Refined
Cyberblack / Finish: Silk
Cyberblack / Finish: Rugged
Cyber black

K. Multi

Its uncommon visage makes for a striking presence that infuses any structure with mystique and fortitude.
K. Multi / Finish: Organic
K. Multi / Finish: Cashmere
K. Multi / Finish: Silk
K. Multi