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From the ancient Greeks to the modern Italian masters, the timelessness of natural marble stone has been inspiring interior and exterior decor for centuries.
Marble is more than just a luxurious stone. Its durability and classic attributes make it a truly priceless investment that will stand the test of time. With its extraordinary versatility, unparalleled strength and classic beauty, it is an ideal choice for crafting unique and stylish projects ranging from lavish homes to large-scale projects such as luxurious hotels, magnificent resorts, extravagant shopping centres or awe-inspiring airports.
At Stonex, we offer more than 500 varieties of exquisite stones and have the largest selection of white imported marble from around the world. Each slab of marble goes through our proprietary 8-step SRS process that protects its structural quality. It is then carefully inspected to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards and is perfect for any project.
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Imported Marble Collection

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SRS Innovation

At Stonex, we are committed to excellence and so, our proprietary Stone Reinforcement System is an 8-step process that makes stones 20% stronger, adds 30% more shine and reduces wastage by 10%.


Visualize what your space will look like with our designer marble variants and options.

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If you’re looking to explore over 500 varieties of exquisite stones from across the world, glance through our catalogue or get in touch with us.
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Every Marble Has A Feeling

Imported marble, such as Italian marble and others from Europe, Asia, Africa, and North & South America has long been associated with grandeur and sophistication, making it a timeless luxury that is sure to leave a lasting impression. Every marble is unique, with its own finish, feel, pattern, texture and color. Some pieces are so beautiful that it’s hard not to feel a connection to them.

At the end of the day, marble is more than just a luxury stone: it’s a feeling. Every marble has its own energy and aura, and you can feel it when you enter a room. Whether you are looking for a luxurious classic or a modern piece, marble is a perfect choice.
natural stone

Natural Stone

Marble is not manufactured in factories, it is quarried from mines that have been forming these beautiful natural stones for billions of years, making them rare and exquisite.

design versatility

Design Versatility

The mark of recognition of marble is its veined designs. These designs add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your spaces, making them exude luxe and royalty at the same time.

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A Valued Investment

Marble instantly increases the asset value of your spaces and gives a sense of the spaces being built with value and responsibility. This reliability is what will boost asset value in the long run.

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Marble Experiences

Marble has the power to transform any area into an extraordinary space. From countertops and marble flooring to wall-cladding and furniture, the possibilities are practically endless.

interior floors

Interior Floors

interior walls

Interior Walls



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Bath Tubs &









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Why Stonex Marble


Rare & Exclusive

Our aim is to bring the finest sourced marble from across the world to our patrons so they can build timeless spaces. Our prime goal is to offer you the world's rarest and most exclusive marble and natural stone varieties.

natural craftsmanship

Natural Craftsmanship

Marble is crafted over a billion years by nature whose craftsmanship is unmatched and exclusive. Thus, these beautiful marble designs help create exquisitely aspirational spaces that turn into design masterpieces.

avant garde technology design thinking

Avant-garde Technology & Design Thinking

We take pride in pioneering technological innovations that have led us to create a process that preserves the integrity of our stone products so we can deliver the highest quality marble and natural stones to our clients.

rich extensive collection

Rich & Extensive

Sourced from the top quarries worldwide, our marble collection is extensive and best in class. This allows us to bring our clients the most superb range of finishes and colors available in natural stone variants.

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Fabulous experience visiting stonex india! Was looking for a marble for my house visited lot of vendors in india! Finally a friend recommended me this brand stonex I was amazed seeing the tecnology which they are using for the processing of the marble Srs this was something I have never heard about since I was running pillar to pole to search for a marble for my house!

Kapil Bali

Fabulous collection of imported and Indian marbles, variety in form of colors, huge availability of stock and above all a dedicated team that keeps a check over quality at every stage.

Ranju Bala

Excellent collection of quality marble . Consistent quality and size.

Shivprasad Shetty

I recently visited Stonex India for buying marble for my house flooring, I was really impressed with the variety they have. It is one of the best marble suppliers in Delhi with the best imported marble prices in India.

Nikhil Soneji

    Make it stand out

    If you’re looking to explore over 500 varieties of exquisite stones from across the world, please get in touch.