Bianco Lasa

(Finished Goods (Unpolished) – Marble)

This white-coloured finished marble slab which is originally sourced from Vietnam is the epitome of beauty and sophistication. The appealing finish of this marble slab makes it a popular choice. Besides, being white-coloured does not affect the charm of this marble slab as it can be washed off easily without any second thought of it absorbing moisture. The SRS technology (Stone Reinforcement System) adds to the excellent quality of Bianco Lasa and provides it with a less porous body. The natural uneven wavy design of this gorgeous white-coloured marble slab depicts the craftsmanship of nature each marble goes through for billions of years. Further, Bianco Lasa adds to the charm of the space where it is installed. The rarity and innovation are the other two elements which make it a trendy choice among buyers.



Material ID: FG0107

Material Name: Bianco Lasa

Collection: White

Colour: White

Thickness: 20 mm

Quality: High

Country of Origin: Veitnam

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