Bianco Vogue

(Finished Goods (Unpolished) – Marble)

The country of origin is Greece, this white-coloured gorgeous marble slab possesses the utmost elegance and charm of nature. The SRS technology (Stone Reinforcement System) fills up the gap within its body and provides it with a water-absorbing body. The popular feature of Bianco Vogue is its craftsmanship of nature, which elegantly shows the natural wavy element being imprinted over its surface. The standardised thickness of this marble slab makes it apt for all spaces. Besides, the durability and endurance of this marble add to its functionalities. Biance Vogue has a finished marble body that positively adds to the aesthetics. White colour usually is more prone to dust and dirt however Bianco Vogue can be mopped or wiped easily without worrying about it absorbing moisture.



Material: Natural Stone

Application: Floor & Wall

Collection: White

Colour: White

Thickness: 20 mm

Quality: High

Country of Origin: Greece

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