Casa Nova

(Finished Goods (Unpolished) – Marble)

Sourced from the prestigious quarries of Spain, the Casa Nova is an exquisite marble that has garnered a lot of attention over the years. This beige-coloured beauty has a very subtle circular pattern that is almost discreet, which marks its beauty. For those who wish to make their spaces look dainty and supernal, this is what you’re looking for. Along with our SRS technology, we ensure to fill up the naturally formed pores with Italian epoxy of the highest standards on both sides of the stone to ensure that it retains its characteristic of being less water absorbent and increases its durability. Our aim is to deliver the best we can by delivering natural stone that bears standard thickness, making it a preferred choice to have for your spatial needs.



Material: Natural Stone

Application: Floor & Wall

Collection: Regular

Colour: Beige

Thickness: 18 mm

Quality: Moderate

Country of Origin: Turkey


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