Giorgio Elegant

(Finished Goods (Unpolished) – Marble)

Sourced from Turkey, Giorgio Elegant is a popular choice. The grey-coloured natural stone is designed by nature in billions of years with uneven waves that bring a sense of elegance and sophistication to the ambience where it is placed. The standardised thickness offered by us of this natural stone makes it enduring. Giorgio Elegant is a perfect example of innovation, rarity, timelessness, exclusivity and craftsmanship. , Crafted by nature it will change your mind by providing an exclusive Giorgio Elegant for the astonishing decor. The less porous body and durability are two of the main things that make Giorgio Elegant an enduring person in advance thanks to the 8-step stone reinforcement system. You can further enhance the charm of the space with the classic design of Giorgio Elegant, which will not fail in leaving a long-lasting aesthetic impact.



Material: Natural Stone

Application: Floor & Wall

Collection: Regular

Colour: Grey

Thickness: 18 mm

Quality: Moderate

Country of Origin: Turkey

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