Grey Saint Laurent

(Finished Goods (Unpolished) – Marble)

This coloured lavish natural stone, named Grey Saint Laurent is derived from Iran, a country popular for their exquisite quarries. This natural stone with a luxury finish ensures adding style and class to the space where added. Our innovative technology SRS used in its processing reduces the gap between the slab’s pores and makes it less water absorbent and the standardised thickness achieved adds to its durability and strength. The craftsmanship of nature is something that makes it an opulent option as per the international standards. The mesmerising aesthetics of this natural stone is because of nature’s imperfections infused in it billions of years ago, making it a perfect example of exclusivity, rarity and innovation. The cleaning is not a time consuming task here as you can easily wash this slab with water to remove any dust or dirt.



Material: Natural Stone

Application: Floor & Wall

Collection: Regular

Colour: Coloured

Thickness: 18 mm

Quality: Moderate

Country of Origin: Iran

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