Newton Grey

(Finished Goods (Unpolished) – Marble)

The sophistication of this grey-colored marble slab can emphasize the aesthetics of any space. Originally sourced from Turkey, this magnificent natural stone is a timeless beauty with standardized thickness. The exclusivity and rarity of this grey-colored natural stone make it a world-class product. Nature’s craftsmanship adds a natural touch to the appealing natural stone design. Apart from its long-lasting charm, this natural marble slab has unique properties such as a low water absorption rate, more strength, and durability due to its processing through 8-step SRS(Stone Reinforcement System) technology. All this ensures to get a durable and enduring natural stone that can go well with all decorative accessories. Newton Grey is an alluring combination of timelessness, rarity, innovation, exclusivity, and craftsmanship of nature.



Material: Natural Stone

Application: Floor & Wall

Collection: Regular

Colour: Grey

Thickness: 18 mm

Quality: Moderate

Country of Origin: Turkey

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