The paradigm of beauty, sandstone adorns the walls of forts and palaces. This maintenance-free stone is known for its robust strength, durability, and versatility, from flooring, facade, veranda, terrace, and boundary walls, to palisades, stone paving, and landscaping.

BP Pink

Reflects the rugged seasonal look from dry creeks in the desert, replicating the feel of the wild countryside within your premises.

BP Pink / Finish: Cashmere

BP Pink / Finish: Refined
BP Pink / Finish: Silk

BP Pink / Finish: Rugged



Its rich hues evoke a feeling of a warm wintery night by the fireside. Chocolate extends a lingering and understated warmth to home exteriors.

Chocolate / Finish: Organic

Chocolate / Finish: Cashmere

Chocolate / Finish: Refined

Chocolate / Finish: Silk

Chocolate / Finish: Rugged

Desert Beige

Infuses a genteel and soothing atmosphere into residential and commercial spaces.
Desert Beige / Finish: Organic
Desert Beige / Finish: Cashmere
Desert Beige / Finish: Refined
Desert Beige / Finish: Silk
Desert Beige / Finish: Rugged
Desert Beige

Desert Yellow

Enigmatic lines masterfully blend full-bodied texture and old-fashioned warmth to create a unique and positively original atmosphere.
Desert Yellow / Finish: Organic
Desert Yellow / Finish: Cashmere
Desert Yellow / Finish: Refined
Desert Yellow / Finish: Silk
Desert Yellow / Finish: Rugged
Desert Yellow

Fossil Yellow

Born to magnificence, nothing could be grander. A glorious shade especially created for royalty. It creates an imposing presence of confidence and grace.
Fossil Yellow / Finish: Cashmere
Fossil Yellow / Finish: Refined
Fossil Yellow / Finish: Silk
Fossil Yellow / Finish: Rugged
Fossil Yellow

Jaisalmer Yellow

A kingly reincarnation of the colour yellow, reflecting a spectacular persona that leaves an indelible impression, imparting the brilliance of the rising sun on home exteriors.
Jaisalmer Yellow / Finish: Cashmere
Jaisalmer Yellow / Finish: Refined
Jaisalmer Yellow / Finish: Silk
Jaisalmer Yellow / Finish: Rugged
Jaisalmer Yellow