"Visual Voyage" in India Design Week 2023

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India Design Week 2023

An entity that is an embodiment of fine luxury in living spaces, Stonex India took the India Design Week by an incredible surprise, one that baffled minds with its showcase. In essence, Stonex India is one of the pioneering brands when it comes to its fine marble, that is not only sourced from some of the most marvellous quarries from around the world, but is also treated with an obsessive amount of care and process-driven technology that only makes the stone better than anyone.

India Design 2023 - Preview Night | Stonex India

This year, Stonex India had the opportunity to display grandeur, luxury and elegance like no other. A series of montages that typified the countries of Italy, Greece, Portugal, Turkey and Vietnam, it was truly a sight that could not be forgotten. The visual spectacles evoked a sense of ethereal luxury and splendour, taking the spectators on a visual voyage that is the first of its kind.

Journey through the "Visual Voyage" - Ar. Ashmit Alag

Each montage has been created with in depth thought and meticulous attention to detail. The finesse of each montage is undeniably exceptional and is only a testament of the dynamic vision and craft of what Stonex India truly stands for. The miniscule perfection to each carving, the graceful curves and mesmerising patterns are some of the most salient attributes of this showcase. As one embarked on this journey, through the art that brought synergy with the wonderful countries cited, our aim was to create a space of visual storytelling with each artwork. This beautiful fusion between art and culture was to evoke a sense of richness and create a masterstroke narrative of exclusivity, artistry and timelessness.