Italian Marble An Avant-Garde Choice for Luxe Interiors



Sourced from the Carrara region, Statuario marble is, in fact, the most precious marble stone in the world!

Carrara White

One of the most popular types of Italian marble, Carrara is a classic choice for both traditional and contemporary interiors.


Its bright white background that’s glazed in strikingly bold and thick veining in shades of grey, gold, and sometimes even pink, makes Calacatta marble perfect for those who crave simplistic elegance.


Quarried in Italy, Cavalli marble stone is a semi-white marble known to be widely used for floor applications, interior walls, windows, and fountains.

Grey William

What makes Grey William Italian marble so appealing is its rich grey colour cladded with classy veining in dewy and milky shades of white.


Perfect for people who want to create a classic and luxurious space, Botticino marble is famous for its beige hue with brown veining!


If brown is part of your aesthetic palette, you would be happy to make room for Michelangelo Italian marble in your plush space.


Clean, minimal, lively, calm, and timeless – that’s what anyone who looks at a slab of Bianco Italian marble stone is likely to describe it as!


Quarried uniquely, Dyna is a premium Italian marble variant.

Enhance the look and feel of your home with Italian marble


Marble is usually available in large slabs, thus installing them as flooring is both convenient and effective.


Marbles like Onyx, Quartz and some of the other Italian marble variants go up wonderfully on walls and create a feature wall creating the most beautiful focal point in homes.


Marble is a good choice for kitchen countertops to make them look elegant and add charm to your interiors.


Using some types of Italian marble to marble for cabinets in the kitchens and bathrooms will add to the beauty of the rooms and make them look stunning!


If you are lucky to have a fireplace at home, why not go all out and make the most of it? Have beautiful marble panels in contrasting colours to make the fireplace stand out.


Every time we think of a fountain, the famous Roman Trevi fountains are the first thing that comes to mind. They were made with beautiful Travertine stone.


A marble facade will make your exterior look lavish and inviting.