Luxurious Marble Floor Design Patterns for your Home


Classic White

This is a great option when you want a classic look.

Straight Lay

The unique veined patterns on this marble tile design add the perfect amount of drama and make the room more visually attractive.

Looks exquisite and transforms any ordinary space into a luxurious visual treat.

Dark Marble with Light Veins


A striped marble tile pattern displays a classy, simple, clean look! 

Dreamy Blue Marble

A dreamy blue marble showcases stability, wisdom, inspiration, and serenity.

Geometric Design

This gives you a carpet-like look and is great for an entrance or a foyer.

Marble Tiles with Borders

This is great for commercial spaces as you can add these tiles in the hallways or the lobby for a chic and ultra-stylish look.

Black and White Checks

A black and white checks marble floor pattern is yet another excellent choice for a commercial space and a residential home.


A motif on a marble tile makes it appear striking and bold.

Diamond Motifs in the Middle

It appeals to the eye and is perfect for placing in open areas to create a unique look.

Mixture of Patterns

Instead of choosing one, you can use a mixed pattern of marble on the floor!

if you don’t want to go the traditional route of a standard square marble tile design, a rounded carpet look with inlay work is perfect!

Marble Carpet Design with Inlay Work

Marble Chips Design

Marble chip design makes your space appear more colourful and vibrant.