World Of White

A world that is pristine yet resplendent. A world that is humble yet breathtaking and timeless. To experience the mesmerizing beauty of white marble which is minimal yet looks like a piece of art

“We welcome you to the World of White”.

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Our Sourcing

They say that to find something rare, you need to go places. This applies to our marbles too. Our white marbles are quarried from some of the finest quarries around the world. Our marble hails from seven countries- Italy, Vietnam, Portugal, Namibia, Spain, Turkey, and Greece.
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What makes our white marble special?

Our marble block has an astounding density of 2500 and each slab is processed through the Stone Reinforcement System (SRS) which gives us an upper hand over the rest.

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Our Kishangarh Plant

It all began with a vision to bring to India some of the finest, most valued natural stones from around the world. Our Kishangarh plant has been the cornerstone of our company and brought us here today. We have succeeded in translating this vision into a beautiful reality, with our first White Gallery within our Kishangarh plant.
The White Gallery was introduced to offer our patrons a visual retreat and to give them a taste of our World of White. Although digital innovations have brought the concepts of virtual galleries to the world, there is no denying that the beauty and the actual appearance can only be rendered with the bare eye. The gallery has been designed with a lot of passion, keeping the tastes of each individual in mind, allowing the many possibilities of the use of marble inside homes and giving them a feel of the design aesthetics that come with white marble.
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Mission and vision statement

For the connoisseurs of marble having a penchant for luxury, Stonex aims to stimulate the tastes of its discerning audience by bringing the world’s finest marbles from the choicest quarries worldwide. Being revolutionary in not only our stone bank but also having a flair for innovative technology is our strength. Our designs are avant-garde, one that will help you mark your imprint to the world.