Discover the elegance of Stonex World of White, where exquisite white marbles from Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Portugal converge. Embodying the essence of each region, each stone narrates a story of heritage, transforming spaces into timeless reflections of artistry and history.


Bianco Reale




Bianco Acropolis



crafted to last a lifetime

Each slab, expertly cut to a precise 20mm thickness, adheres to international standards. Savour the timeless elegance is further enhanced with a double-sided epoxy coating.

harmony in reflection

Every stone is 100% calibrated using SRS technology to create stunning and perfectly symmetrical reflections. Embrace a sense of serenity & calmness.

no brain fuzz

Non-aesthetic patterns can wreak havoc on your brain. At Stonex, we avoid it by offering perfect book-match and slabs over 40 sqft, to ensure a harmonious flow of patterns on your floor.

sourced without a compromise

Our expert geologists scrutinise every block for its density, colour, texture, and pattern, ensuring that every piece destined for Stonex is a testament to unrivalled quality.